Children at school outside

Our Values

We value all children

Our safe, nurturing learning environment is filled with unconditional love and acceptance. We strive to develop a family feeling within each class. Our school is a place where children desire to be and will never forget, a place that will positively influence them for years to come.

We value the optimal growth and development of the whole child

Each child is a special person with unique gifts and talents. Through a holistic approach to child development we set high expectations and goals for each child by stimulating and encouraging physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.

We value a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment

Our children are given the opportunity to create, solve problems and develop deeper thinking skills in an environment designed to engage without over-stimulation. We work closely with the children to develop rich learning spaces that balance play and structure in a format that develops creativity and self-awareness within each child.

We value respectful communication

Communication is critical and comes in many forms. We teach the children how to communicate respectfully in order to get their needs met; make lasting friendships; and solve problems by leading through example.

We seek to establish a collaborative relations between parents and teachers, sharing information and ideas to create a supportive partnership for each child.

We value our families

We believe that raising a child takes a family and our school is your family. Parents have the opportunity to participate in the classroom, on the playground and in influencing the development of our school.
We offer parent education in the classroom, through conferences, newsletter and written material. We understand that each family’s situation is unique and our goal is to offer classes that meet the specific needs of our families.